IMHO: The Deification of DB-ification

Last week, I stumbled across another of those “DC plans are becoming like DB plans″ articles—you know, the “DB-ification″ of 401(k)s?

Edward Jones Customers Get Fair Fund Distribution

Current and former customers of Edward D. Jones&Co. customers who were “victims″ of the firm’s failure to adequately disclose revenue payments from a select group of mutual fund companies have received $79 million in a Fair Fund distribution, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced Thursday.

Active Value Family of Indexes Unveiled

IndexIQ has introduced the Active Value family of indexes and has licensed the IndexIQ Active Value Small Cap Index to Claymore Advisors, LLC, which will create the Claymore/IndexIQ Small-Cap Value ETF.

“Down″ Down Under?

Australia has a private savings system that, by all accounts, is working to the benefit of savers and financial advisers alike – but it doesn’t seem to be making them happy.