Mirae Launches Six U.S. Emerging Markets Funds

Mirae Asset Global Investments, an emerging market equity investment manager, has launched its first six mutual funds in the U.S.

According to a news release, the Mirae Asset Discovery Funds aim to take advantage of the macroeconomic effects currently redefining the world’s emerging market economies.

The mutual funds, which have Class A, C and I shares, include:

  • Global Emerging Markets Sector Leader Fund (MALGX, MCLGX, MILGX)
  • Asia Sector Leader Fund  (MALAX, MCLAX, MILAX)
  • China Sector Leader Fund (MALCX, MCLCX, MILCX)
  • Brazil Sector Leader Fund (MALBX, MCLBX, MILBX)
  • Global Emerging Markets Great Consumer Fund (MECGX, MCCGX, MICGX)
  • Asia Great Consumer Fund (MGCEX, MGCCX, MGCIX)

Mirae Asset’s research concludes that ongoing socioeconomic changes in emerging market nations will continue to support domestic business expansion. Mirae Asset seeks to capture the beneficial impact these macroeconomic effects will have on emerging market equities through the firm’s Sector Leader and Great Consumer investment approaches.  

“Because of our global portfolio management capabilities, we are able to offer single-country, regional and global emerging market funds,” said Jay (Hun Jun) Jang, President and CEO of Mirae Asset Global Investments (USA), in the news release. “We look for companies with a sustainable competitive advantage by implementing the research-intensive, bottom-up approach used since Mirae Asset’s inception in 1997.”