Newkirk Unwraps Roth IRA Conversion Package

Newkirk has unveiled a Roth IRA conversion packet.

A news release from  the Albany, New York, provider of financial services education said the kit is timed to coincide with new rules as of 2010 changing the annual income limitation for a Roth conversion.

Newkirk’s booklet and HTML version have been developed in a question-and-answer format that the company said can be distributed in person, via email, or via a Web site. Newkirk also has a PowerPoint presentation and a script to use for seminars.

“We recognize that our customers need to accurately relay to their clients the facts and possible benefits of pursuing a Roth IRA Conversion, so we’ve responded with a variety of materials and formats to cover all the bases,” said Pete Newkirk, president of Newkirk. “This is a nice opportunity for financial professionals to offer higher income clients new and favorable money-saving options, especially with the potential advantage of spreading income-tax consequences over two years.”

More information is available by contacting 800.525.4237 or, or by visiting here.