New Voya Video Platform Offers 24/7 Access to Financial Education

The new tool comes at a time where more American workers are looking to technology as a resource for financial information and guidance.   

The retirement business of Voya Financial Inc. has introduced Voya Learn, which is designed to provide 24/7 access to financial education.

The platform offers both live and on-demand financial education sessions covering financial wellness and retirement topics such as emergency savings, investing concepts and market volatility.

“When it comes to retirement planning, we recognize that individuals want and need flexibility in when, where and how they access educational resources, and that’s even more true in today’s virtual environment,” says Charlie Nelson, CEO of retirement and employee benefits for Voya Financial. “At Voya, we believe that in order to improve financial outcomes, it’s essential to drive change in behaviors and action. Voya Learn not only provides a great opportunity to provide individuals with financial education through an engaging experience, but it also offers tremendous flexibility for people to take actions right away to ultimately become better prepared for retirement. What’s more, data from our own retirement plan participants shows that those who engage with their retirement plan through the website or mobile app are saving 47% more than those who do not engage digitally.”

Voya Learn comes at a time when many Americans are turning to technology as a resource for financial information and guidance as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to research from Voya, more than half (55%) of individuals believe technology will have the greatest impact on how they spend (28%) and make money (27%) in the next five years, while more than a third (34%) believe it will have an impact on how they save or invest.

Led by Voya employees, Voya Learn videos and content are available through live or on-demand sessions. Live sessions include topics on saving, investing in an employer’s plan, budgeting, investing basics and retirement income planning. Voya notes there are multiple days and times open to register for a live session.

On-demand sessions are available at any time. These sessions include a curriculum of retirement planning and financial wellness educational content, such as how to build an emergency fund, manage debt and protect savings.

All videos are also available in Spanish and have closed captioning. More information on the educational feature can be found on