New Tool Gives Advisers 'X-Ray' Vision into Clients' Plans

Benefit Consultants Group (BCG) said its new 401(k) X-Ray provides financial advisers with a free comprehensive analysis of a client's retirement plan.

The 401(k) X-Ray looks at what a plan has achieved and decides whether it is operating at peak performance, or if any adjustments need to be made, BCG said in a press release.

“We know how plans similar to theirs are priced and how to achieve savings for their clients,” said Beau Adams, executive vice president of Business Development at BCG. “We will provide them with an objective comparison, and discuss the many options best suited to meet the needs of their clients.”

BCG said the service provides:

  • knowledge of all aspects of retirement plans
  • consulting and guidance
  • an evaluation of all elements of a plan
  • suggestions to fit a company’s objectives
  • a detailed report with a recommendation for any changes.

Financial advisers interested in the service should log onto

Financial advisers interested in the service should log onto, and go to the Advisor page, or call 800.524.401k.