New Q&A Feature Added to eSource

Practical answers to technical questions have been added to appropriate locations within's Qualified Plan eSource. announced its flagship technical resource, the Qualified Plan eSource (QPeS) written and edited by Ilene H. Ferenczy, has been enhanced with a new feature called “Asked and Answered” from its ASK the Author service.

Over the past few years, ERISApedia has received and answered hundreds of topical questions submitted by its customers. S. Derrin Watson has been answering these questions for the last year and has edited and selected over 400 ASK responses to subscribers. These practical answers to technical questions have been added to appropriate locations within the QPeS editorial content and additionally located in a separate QPeS appendix with a well-organized table of contents. Both locations are fully searchable.

Timothy McCutcheon, publisher of says, “We are extremely fortunate to have Ilene and Derrin’s contributions and helpful insights incorporated into the Qualified Plan eSource. We believe that this is a match not equaled in the industry and helps us provide qualified plan professionals with instant access to relevant technical content.”

Ferenczy adds, “One of the common complaints I have heard about other treatises is the lack of answers to practical questions. The addition of real live Questions and Answers further enhances this part of the product.”

Watson is a pension attorney and educator who is heavily involved in consulting, speaking, and writing about a variety of pension topics, including 401(k), 403(b), 457, 409A plans and Form 5500 issues. He has been working with qualified plans since 1977.