New Nuveen Funds Managed by Bob Doll

Nuveen Investments announced the availability of a new suite of large cap equity mutual funds.

The funds are managed by Nuveen Asset Management chief equity strategist and senior portfolio manager Bob Doll. The suite of funds includes nine equity strategies in three categories:

  • Traditional: Nuveen Large Cap Value Fund (NNGAX), Nuveen Large Cap Core Fund (NLACX) and Nuveen Large Cap Growth Fund (NLAGX);
  • Specialty: Nuveen Core Dividend Fund (NCDAX), Nuveen Concentrated Core Fund (NCADX) and Nuveen Growth Fund (NSAGX); and
  • Alternative: Nuveen Large Cap Core Plus Fund (NLAPX), Nuveen Equity/Long Short Fund (NELAX) and Nuveen Equity Market Neutral Fund (NMAEX).

“We believe that while uncertainty certainly remains the reality across the broader market, opportunities continue to emerge and investors and their advisers need to seize them through smartly configured investment strategies that draw from the strengths of both fundamental and quantitative analysis,” said Doll. “Our goal was to craft a series of strategies that we believe can offer investors quality alpha generation with consistent performance over time. I think we have struck that balance and look forward to helping investors achieve their long-term goals.”

More information about the mutual funds—many of which are also available as a retail managed account and as an institutional account—is at

In addition, investors can subscribe to Bob Doll’s weekly commentary and markets report at