Nationwide Expands Investment Lineup

Nationwide Financial Services announced enhancements to its variable annuity and variable life insurance products, including expanded investment options in the bond and large-cap growth categories.

Two new funds from Nationwide and PIMCO were added to the lineup. They are the:

  • American Century NVIT Growth Fund – A large-cap growth fund that primarily invests in common stocks issued by large-cap companies.
  • PIMCO VIT Total Return Portfolio – An intermediate-term bond fund that invests primarily in investment-grade debt securities, but may invest up to 10% of total assets in high-yield securities rated B or higher.

Nationwide also expanded its America’s marketFLEX Series with offerings from ProFunds. Nationwide also added fixed income, alternatives, and asset allocation funds.

As of May 1, 2011 Nationwide’s investment lineup will include:

  • Coverage across 34 Morningstar categories
  • Access to over 30 money managers
  • 17 asset allocation investment options
  • More than 60 options with a 5-year track record; over 40 options with a 10-year track record

The complete list of changes to Nationwide’s investment lineup, including wall-offs, name changes and summaries of the fund lineups for specific variable products are available