Updates Website With Education on Tax Reform has updated its website with information on the 2018 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act.

myStockOptions notes that financial planning at year-end 2018 is more important than ever for employees with equity compensation who are evaluating whether to exercise stock options, sell shares acquired from equity compensation or donate company stock to charities.

“Employees with equity grants, employee stock purchase plans and company shares should be aware of the 2018 and 2019 thresholds for higher tax rates on compensation income and capital gains, the additional Medicare tax on compensation income, and the Medicare surtax on investment income,” says Bruce Brumberg, editor in chief of “They may want to consider keeping their income below those known thresholds, if possible, while evaluating whether there is enough withholding to cover the taxes owed.”

myStockOptions has updated its year-end planning section with articles and FAQs. Articles include, “Leading Advisers Reveal Year-End Strategies for Equity Comp and Company Stock,” “Six Ways Tax Reform Affects Your Stock Compensation and Financial Planning,” and “Making Gifts and Donations of Company Stock.”

FAQs include answers to several questions, including what should be on a 2018 year-end checklist of items to review, know and consider about stock compensation and how tax retorm affects stock compensation.