MyBlocks Digital Tool Covers Various Financial Wellness Topics

It enables advisers to engage prospects and clients of all ages and financial backgrounds and to use the registration information to turn prospects into clients.

Envestnet MoneyGuide has launched MyBlocks, a digital client engagement tool that advisers can use with investors to cover various financial wellness topics, including Social Security, retirement compatibility, college loan debt, and building an emergency fund. All topics are broken up into bite-size “blocks.”

Envestnet MoneyGuide says advisers can use MyBlocks to engage prospects and clients of all ages and financial backgrounds.

“We wanted to create a familiar user experience to break down client and adviser inhibitions toward financial planning,” says Tony Leal, president of Envestnet MoneyGuide. “MyBlocks is designed to feel like a consumer technology interface. It paves the way for an entirely new approach to financial discussions, where clients are in control to explore various financial topics of their choosing, while the adviser provides advice and solutions to their concerns.”

The tool is also designed to help advisers turn prospects into clients. Users have to register, and advisers can use this information in email campaigns or on social media channels. It also includes data aggregation with Envestnet and Yodlee so users can see all of their accounts in one place. And prospects’ registration information is imported to the Redtail customer relationship management system that advisers can use to reach them.

“With MyBlocks, we have taken the guesswork out of how to engage investors,” says Kevin Hughes, chief growth officer at Envestnet MoneyGuide. “We’ve created a familiar experience, delivering an incredibly broad range of valuable financial answers that investors deserve.”