Mutual Fund Outflows More Than Doubled in August

Stock and bond funds experienced net outflows of $32.8 billion from long term funds last month, according to data from the Financial Research Corporation (FRC).

This follows net outflows of $14.6 billion in July (see “Stock and Bond Funds Experience Net Outflows in July“). Conversely, exchange-traded funds saw net inflows of $1.4 billion in August.

The equity objective saw the biggest retreat, with a net outflow of $20.6 billion, followed by the corporate objective, with a $14.3 billion net outflow. International/global equity was the best selling objective in long-term funds ($3.3 billion), while Equity was the best selling objective in ETFs ($2.4 billion).  

The SPDR S7P 500 ETF Trust was the best selling fund in August, posting a net inflow of $3.7 billion. Vanguard Total Stock Market Index ($3.4 billion), SPDR Barclays Cap 1-3 T-Bill ($2.1 billion), Templeton Global bond ($1.8 billion), and Market Vectors Gold Miners ($1.6 billion) rounded out the top five.  

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