MSCI Launches Overseas China Indices

MSCI Inc. has announced the launch of the MSCI Overseas China Indices.

The new indices cover more than 60 Chinese securities listed in the U.S. and Singapore with a market capitalization of $68 billion, none of which are currently included in the existing MSCI China Indices.  

The MSCI Overseas China Indices are designed to capture the investable universe of Chinese securities outside Greater China, covering Chinese securities listed on the NYSE Euronext – New York, NASDAQ, New York AMEX, and the Singapore Exchange.   

They have also been combined with the existing MSCI China Indices, creating 60 new indices in total. For example, the combination of the MSCI Overseas China Index with the existing MSCI China Index and the MSCI China A Index, forms the new MSCI All China Index. Large, mid and small cap versions of the MSCI All China Index are also available, covering over 2,100 constituents and providing a comprehensive global representation of the China investment opportunity set.    

Another new combination resulting from the launch of the MSCI Overseas China Indices is the MSCI International China Index (MSCI China Index + MSCI Overseas China Index), which captures exposure across Chinese securities listed in Greater China, U.S. and Singapore and available to global investors.  

More information is available here.