MSCI Launches New Indexes for Developed Markets

MSCI Inc. launched the MSCI Micro Cap Indices for all Developed Markets countries and regions covered by MSCI.

A press release said the MSCI Micro Cap Indices add 4,862 new securities to what’s covered by the MSCI Global Equity Indices, led by constituents from Japan (1,318 securities) and the U.S. (964 securities). The indexes include companies with market capitalizations as low as $29.5 million.   

In conjunction with the MSCI Micro Cap Indices, MSCI is also launching the MSCI All Cap Indices, which aim to provide comprehensive coverage of all capitalization segments and approximately 99.8% of the Developed Markets equity universe.  

Both the MSCI Micro Cap Indices and the MSCI All Cap Indices follow the principles of the MSCI Global Investable Market Indices Methodology and are constructed with a focus on data quality, and index transparency and consistency across all size segments and geographies, the announcement said.   

MSCI also announced it has extended its Frontier Markets universe to include small cap coverage. The new MSCI Frontier Markets Small Cap Indices cover 26 countries and 242 securities.   

Performance data for all the new indexes will be available on at market close on Wednesday, and will be included in the applicable end of day index products for MSCI index clients.