MPA Offers Managed ETFs in Schwab Access Program

Managed Portfolio Advisors (MPA), a division of Nataxis, has recently teamed up with Litman/Gregory to offer managed exchange-traded fund portfolios in Schwab’s Access program.

According to an announcement, the suite of five portfolios is spread across the risk spectrum, designed to meet the investment goals of a wide universe of investors.   

The Litman/Gregory investment team makes tactical changes to the portfolio weights and asset class exposure in an effort to both protect the portfolio in down markets and capitalize on opportunities by purchasing asset classes determined to be undervalued. MPA uses proprietary algorithms to apply a tax overlay for taxable clients.   

The portfolios primarily utilize ETFs to gain desired asset class exposures but also use mutual funds to gain exposure to asset classes where there is not a viable ETF option, the announcement said.  

More about MPA is here.