M&I Launches Planning Tool for 401(k) Participants

M&I Institutional Trust Services (M&I) introduced RightTrack, a suite of education and advice tools for 401(k) plan participants.  

Under the umbrella of RightTrack, M&I’s retirement platform is used to deliver access to interactive tools and personal assistance, creating customized retirement planning solutions for clients.

 RightTrack provides plan participants with:

•  Guidance Plus – automatically presenting the participant with a customized action plan,
based on pre-populated account data, such as the participant’s account balance, investment options, current investment elections, savings rates, contribution formulas and other basic employee information.

•  Advice Plus – enabling the participant to create custom asset allocation strategies and evaluate various theoretical outcomes against what-if scenarios. RightTrack can also provide individual fund recommendations tied to a participant’s chosen asset allocation strategy.

•  Workplace Financial Planning – meeting one-on-one with participants to develop and implement a more comprehensive long-term financial plan, as well as continually monitoring their progress and adjusting the plan to ensure it meets their ever-changing needs. 

RightTrack also provides participants preparing to leave their employer’s retirement plan with:

•  Distribution Services and Rollover Assistance – Aiding participants by providing unbiased educational information, access to the IRA Marketplace and an online tool for completing the necessary forms, which includes pre-populating their IRA application with account information.

•  Additional Workplace Financial Planning – incorporating the participant’s employment change into their personalized, long-term plan.