MetLife Site Offers Resources for Enrollment Season

MetLife launched a Web site with tools and informational resources aimed at helping employers and benefits brokers most effectively communicate with employees during benefits enrollment season.

A MetLife news release said the site offers proprietary research, best practices, online support tools, and practical tips for employers and brokers.

“In today’s tough economic times, employers are concerned about benefit expenses and, at first blush, may consider core and supplemental benefits a potential savings opportunity,” said Bill Mullaney, president of MetLife’s Institutional Business, in the announcement. “We realize that cost control is necessary, but our research shows that these kinds of cuts could adversely affect employee morale and loyalty—key elements to a profitable business. We’ve found with our customers that the best opportunity for savings is through effective spending and targeted benefits communication in order to maximize their benefits investment.”

According to the release, the site includes:

  • a guide for employers on optimizing benefits spending and how to take a long-term view with employee benefit decisions in the current economic climate;
  • a list of tips for employers and brokers to maximize their enrollment strategy;
  • free, customizable surveys that employers can distribute to their workforce, either before or after the enrollment period, to gauge the effectiveness of their benefits communications and their employees’ understanding of benefits offerings;
  • an online tool that enables employers and brokers to quickly compare and contrast relevant benefits offerings and objectives through customized queries in 35 areas, including trends by industry and geography;
  • a free, online tool that helps workers identify which benefits may be suitable for them and offers suggested actionable life-stage recommendations—particularly when it comes to coverage levels and benefits selection;
  • a compilation of research that provides a window into how employees think and behave during their company’s open enrollment, and how workforce needs are changing

MetLife also released a book to provide strategies to help brokers and employers control costs and maximize their benefits (see “MetLife Book Offers Strategies for Maximizing Benefits Investment“).

More information is available here.