Market76 Updates Adviser Platform

Market76 rolled out the latest version of its adviser customer relationship management (CRM) platform, which fine-tunes mobility, data analytics and optimization, and collaboration.

The company is continuing to work on ways to centralize and streamline advisers’ operations through better organization, Ethan Eden, founder and chief executive of Market76 told PLANADVISER.

“We are specifically working on enhancing communication management through better tracking and documentation methods, as well as the storage of analysis,” Eden said. “The key to the platform continues to be centralizing an adviser’s operations to improve their efficiency and productivity. Any enhancements that improve the process of getting advisers’ information in one place and make it easily accessible, are being explored.”  

The latest updates focus on stability, collaboration and work flow across all the major functions.

The mobile and collaborative applications have been enhanced to meet the increasing need for real-time accessibility to client information on tablets and smartphones. The growing variation in team dynamics at advisory firms and among partners also resulted in an extensive overhaul to collaborative sharing options.

All the technical updates were accompanied by a general enhancement to user experience, making the application easier to use on any device.


The key features are:

  • Accessibility: Updates to existing mobile applications extend accessibility to tablets, phones and other mobile devices, letting advisers access client information from any location.
  • Collaboration: Improvements to group collaboration tools to increase engagement and easier cooperation within advisory firms.
  • Analytics: Expanded data analysis offerings within the platform to yield more robust information and actionable reports.
  • Customized reports: Advancements to the reporting function, allowing further customization and faster, more detailed client and portfolio performance reports.
  • Intuitive interface: A user interface designed by an adviser for an adviser. Design and features have been updated to promote productivity and a streamlined approach to advisers’ daily workflow.

The platform was first released in July 2011 and is now in use by 3,000 advisers who manage more than $80 billion in assets. It is free to users.

“As a former adviser I understand data analytics, and optimization is of the utmost importance,” Eden said. “The better an adviser can understand and interpret their data, the greater the likelihood they can produce key outcomes for the client and effectively manage their practice.”

Market76, in New Haven, Connecticut, is a data and technology provider for the consumer finances industry.

More information is here.