Many HNW Investors Not Seeking Advice about the Financial Crisis

As of mid-October, only about 20% of high net worth investors (HNW) had contacted their current investment adviser for advice about the financial crisis, new research says.

Further, research firm Phoenix Marketing International notes, the majority (54%) of these investors had done nothing different in their investment behavior.

“Our research uncovered some interesting and somewhat counter-intuitive findings,” stated David Thompson, Managing Director, Phoenix Affluent Market, in a press release. “Our data strongly suggests that many advisers to HNW investors have yet to fully engage their wealthy clients concerning actions that they should be taking as a result of the economic meltdown.”

The report, titled “The U.S. High Net Worth Market – A Segmented Portrait,” also says there are no clear market leaders among wealth management firms. “The door appears to be open for the emergence of a strong leader in delivering state-of-the-art services and products to HNW investors,” added Thompson.

Although Fidelity has consistently been the most successful in penetrating the HNW segments, there are no firms that stand above others in capturing assets of these investors, the company says. In fact, firms like Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, Morgan Stanley, and Wachovia are about equal in HNW client loyalty and satisfaction.



More information about the study, including purchasing information, is available here.