LTCI Marketing System for Advisers Introduced

Corporate Compensation Plans, Inc. (CCP) and Harley Gordon, an attorney and authority on long-term care financing, have introduced the CLTC-WealthSecure System, a long-term care insurance marketing systems for financial advisers and insurance professionals.

According to CCP and Gordon, the marketing program does not require any detailed knowledge of long term care insurance and it enables advisers and insurance professionals to answer these critical questions regarding their wealthier clients:

  • Why is it absolutely essential to engage our clients in a discussion about extended health care – and how do we open that discussion?
  • How do we enable our clients to objectively determine if extended health care represents a serious threat to their financial and estate plans?
  • How do we quantify and compare self-insuring the extended health care risk with a tax-advantaged long term care insurance transaction?
  • How can we use long term care insurance to reduce estate tax liabilities and transfer wealth on a tax-advantaged basis?

Features of the new CLTC-WealthSecure System include:

  • A concise step-by-step program that gives advisers and insurance professionals the confidence to address the subject of long term health care with clients and their advisers.
  • An easy to master system that measures the client’s exposure to long term health care costs through the use of a dynamic Flash presentation that instantaneously quantifies and compares self-insurance with insurance funding options. It also calculates the tax impact of liquidating qualified and nonqualified retirement plan assets and investment accounts to pay the costs of extended health care.
  • A detailed projection of premiums, tax deductions, tax credits, and premium refunds that converts a long term care insurance policy into a tax-advantaged financial transaction.

According to a press release, the CLTC-WealthSecure System will be available on a licensing basis in the near future. In addition, a special model will be available for large insurance agencies and field marketing organizations that will allow them to maximize the long term care insurance potential of both their full-time and brokerage agents.