kasina Offers Service for Asset Managers to Receive Adviser Insights

kasina has teamed up with Horsesmouth to launch Advisor Vision, a new service that provides firms with access to financial intermediaries' behaviors, preferences, and opinions.

kasina is a strategy consulting firm for asset managers and insurance companies, and Horsesmouth is an online adviser community and resource center for financial advisers. Realizing that their key constituencies have something to learn from each other, kasina and Horsesmouth said they plan to offer insight into advisers’ investment behaviors, preferences for working with asset managers, and opinions about specific firms, gleaned through an ongoing series of targeted surveys and by tapping into the Horsesmouth community on a daily basis.

Advisor Vision will provide asset managers with uncensored service data and detailed, actionable recommendations that are dictated by their business strategy, according to a news release. The tool also seeks to measure customer satisfaction and brand perception to paint the big picture about asset management firms through the eyes of advisers.

“Advisers are reassessing everything right now,” said William Nicklin, CEO of Horsesmouth, in the release. “Attitudinal changes that used to take place over years are now happening in weeks and months. More than ever, asset managers need to understand what’s currently going on in advisers’ minds if they want to develop products and messages that will resonate in the future.”

According to the release, Advisor Vision provides insight into advisers from all channels (from the wirehouses to insurance) and covers topics including:

  • investment trends (e.g. which advisers are investing more in UMAs)
  • investment selection process
  • firm-specific feedback on products, external wholesalers, and internal wholesalers
  • firm-specific feedback on brand attributes
  • firm-specific feedback from customers (advisers that have sold the firms’ products recently) and prospects (advisers that have not sold the firms’ products recently).

For a limited time, Advisor Vision is available for an annual fee of $50,000. More information is available at www.advisorvision.com.