July Fund Inflows Pegged at $15.4 billion

Stock and bond funds experienced net inflows of $15.4 billion in July, according to the latest Financial Research Corporation (FRC) data.

The Corporate Bond objective led the net inflow category with $17.9 billion, followed by the Tax-Free Bond objective with $5.2 billion, International/Global Fixed Income with $3.6 billion, Government Bond with $2.8 billion, International/Global Equity at $2.1 billion and Equity with a $16.4-billion outflow.

By Morningstar classifications, Intermediate-Term Bond led the way with $8.7 billion, Diversified Emerging Markets at $5.6 billion, Short-term Bond at $4 billion, High Yield Bond at $3.3 billion and Multisector Bond at $2.5 billion.

Vanguard Emerging Markets Fund attracted $2.23 billion in July to lead the fund sales chart. That was followed by BlackRock’s  iShares Russell 2000 Index with a $2.22 billion inflow,  PIMCO Total Return at $2.04 billion, Vanguard Total Bond II at $1.45 billion and BlackRock iShares MSCI Emerging Market at $1.42 billion.

The fund family ranking by assets in July kept the familiar Vanguard Group ($1.2 trillion) and American Funds ($885 billion) in the top two slots. They were followed by Fidelity Investments at $768 billion, BlackRock at $506 billion and PIMCO Funds at $386 billion.