Itzoe Launches Getre(k) Industry Networking Platform

Josh Itzoe says the idea for his new venture—a networking and hiring platform focused on firm culture and professional preferences—came from conversations he has had since selling his stake in Greenspring Advisors.

Back in April, Josh Itzoe backed away from Greenspring Advisors, the registered investment adviser (RIA) firm he founded in collaboration with Pat Collins.

In a recent conversation with PLANADVISER, Itzoe admitted to taking a few months to “sit on the couch and recuperate” after nearly 16 busy years at Greenspring, but he says he quickly began to feel bored and restless, leading him to consider what might come next.

His first project was to launch a fiduciary-focused consulting endeavor called FiduciaryWor(k)s, a service that helps retirement plan sponsors manage risk and drive better outcomes for employees in the areas of fiduciary responsibility and workplace retirement savings. Now, he has launched a new industry networking and job search platform called Getre(k)ruited, which is designed to help connect retirement plan services providers (i.e., advisers, recordkeepers, third-party administrators [TPAs], etc.) with talent that shares their personal and professional values.

As Itzoe explains it, the Getre(k)ruited platform allows job seekers to search for opportunities by filtering though some 30-plus predefined company values, as well as according to company type, location, job function (advisory, investment management, marketing, operations, etc.), workplace model (in-person, remote, hybrid, etc.) and work status (full-time, part-time, hourly, contract, etc.). Some of the values coded into the platform include the following:

  • Accountability Is Critical
  • Apprenticeship/Mentorship
  • Awesome Work Environment
  • Clients/Customers Come First
  • Committed to Personal Growth
  • Community Involvement
  • Extra Perks
  • Fast-Paced Environment
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Good for Parents
  • Long-Tenured Employees
  • Open Communication
  • Promotes from Within
  • Tech-Forward
  • We Love Interns
  • We Pay Well
  • Work/Life Balance

“The genesis of the idea came from several conversations,” Itzoe explained. “Specifically, three different people came to me over the past six months or so, asking me about what it was like to work in the retirement business and how they can find new opportunities. They picked my brain about what my experience has been and what my advice to them would be. I coached them through some of this stuff and gave them recommendations, and I also let them know that I could help make introductions. Lo and behold, these three people got some great jobs, and it was such a gratifying experience.”

Beyond working with individual job seekers, Itzoe said, the platform is also meant to help employers. In signing up for the platform, employers must select their eight top values from the list of 30-plus. 

“If we can help companies understand their own unique values, and then help top talent to be able to search for jobs and companies that have core values that match their preferences, it’s going to be a win-win scenario,” Itzoe said.

Itzoe said the platform will be built out in the weeks and months ahead to help participating companies showcase their culture and their values.

“At Greenspring, we used social media and we used our web presence both to address prospective clients but also to address prospective hires,” Itzoe explained. “That was always something we were focused on, and it really helped us to be successful, and I think other firms can emulate that.”

Itzoe said another forthcoming feature on the platform will be a repository for internships and entry-level positions, meant to help the next generation enter the industry.

“I believe we can help to build out a new type of talent pipeline,” he said. “The younger generation is really big on values and culture and purpose—even more than us veterans.”