iShares 529 Launches Adviser Tools

iShares and Barclays Global Investors launched new adviser-focused 529 plan tools, including a comparison calculator.

The new tools are in recognition of September as National College Savings Month, according to a press release.

The 529 Plan Comparison Calculator was developed by Archimedes Systems to help financial advisers conduct side-by-side comparisons of 529 college savings plans, factoring in the impact of sales charges, fees, and the potential value of in-state tax deductions, according to the release. The calculator, available at, also generates a client-friendly report that helps advisers explain some of the reasons for their investment recommendations to clients.

The launch of the calculator follows the introduction last year of the iShares 529 Plan, an all-ETF 529 solution specifically for fee-only advisers and managed by Barclays Global Investors (see “First All-ETF 529 Plan Available for Adviser Distribution”). The plan’s portfolios invest in iShares exchange-traded funds.

Ugift — Give College Savings is service that lets account owners suggest that family and friends celebrate children’s milestones with the gift of college savings in lieu of traditional gifts. Ugift for the iShares 529 Plan includes an adviser referral mechanism that allows clients to indicate that their adviser is offering valuable financial guidance around saving for college and other financial challenges.

More information about the iShares 529 Plan is available at