Investment Product and Service Launches

Schwab Advisor Services presents alternative investment marketplace platform; John Hancock Investment Management expands fixed-income suite; and Millennium Trust adds investments to Workplace Savings Solutions. 

Art by Jackson Epstein

Art by Jackson Epstein

Schwab Advisor Services Presents Alternative Investment Marketplace Platform

Schwab Advisor Services has introduced the Schwab Alternative Investment Marketplace platform.

The new service offers access to private funds provided by third-party platform sponsors, that can pre-qualify clients, control document workflows electronically, and offer access to fund information. Minimums start at $100,000, according to the firm.  

iCapital Network, a third-party platform, is set to join the service. The company offers technology and due diligence to support advisers throughout the investing process.

John Hancock Investment Management Expands Fixed-Income Suite

John Hancock Investment Management has expanded its suite of fixed-income funds managed by the portfolio management team of Howard Greene and Jeffrey Given.

The team at Manulife Investment Management, John Hancock Investment Management’s affiliated asset manager, now manages John Hancock Short Duration Bond Fund in addition to its John Hancock Bond and John Hancock Investment Grade Bond funds. A version of the Bond and Investment Grade Bond strategies are also now available as separately managed accounts.

“Investors are concerned about interest rates, tariffs and trade, and how to position their portfolios,” says Andrew Arnott, president and CEO of John Hancock Investment Management and head of Wealth and Asset Management, United States and Europe, for Manulife Investment Management. “We’re pleased to be able to offer a full suite of fixed-income solutions from a veteran team, so that advisers can build a portfolio custom-suited to their clients’ particular needs.”

Millennium Trust Adds Investments to Workplace Savings Solutions

Millennium Trust has added a mutual fund lineup to customers of its Workplace Savings Solutions product. The funds were assembled with the intent to provide investors with appropriate choices for long-term investment strategies.

Millennium Trust’s Workplace Savings Solutions was recently launched to give small businesses access to retirement savings options beyond a 401(k). With Workplace Savings Solutions, employers are able to choose from a variety of individual retirement account (IRA)-based alternatives with a one-time $250 start-up fee. Once a business chooses the best plan, it and participating employees can self-direct contributions among the 28 selected funds to construct a diversified portfolio.

The fund lineup was provided by Morningstar Investment Management with the goal of presenting sufficient choice across the full spectrum of asset classes, capitalization and investment strategy. Each fund in the lineup will be monitored and evaluated for changes in investment styles, management and performance and risk profiles.

“We are honored to work with Morningstar to provide our clients access to an outstanding choice of investment options,” notes Gary Anetsberger, CEO of Millennium Trust. “Morningstar takes a methodical and deliberate approach to the way they analyze funds and investments, and the lineup it put together was specifically designed for our IRA products. We are thrilled to be able to offer this added level of service to our clients.”