iJoin’s Explore Is Actionable Financial Wellness Tool

The solution connects the retirement plan experience with financial wellness education and planning.

iJoin has released iJoin EXPLORE, an extension of the investor experience that engages users to take steps towards long-term financial security.

EXPLORE presents education and financial planning through activities that address retirement plan benefits, debt management, emergency funds, health care analysis, income protection, Social Security, life insurance and more. 

The experience features more than a dozen short, personalized activities that introduce the user to information and an opportunity to take an action that moves them along a rewards path and a step closer to their financial goals. Since the entire experience occurs within iJoin, actions they take automatically update their unique goals-based “Personal Retirement Picture.”

EXPLORE leverages both its data exchange with the underlying recordkeeping platform along with an opt-in electronic account aggregation feature that pulls in information on assets held outside the plan. The result is a highly personalized presentation for each user that helps refine their unique retirement funding projection.

“There is an inherent disconnect of a retirement plan experience on one website, with links to education, wellness and financial planning on other sites,” says Steve McCoy, chief executive officer of iJoin. “The user experience is disjointed. The brand experience is fragmented. Worse, good outputs from these sessions are not often automatically shared. This requires the user to manually go back to their retirement plan to implement these changes. That doesn’t work. These problems have limited the utilization and effectiveness of financial education and wellness tools for too long. That’s why we built EXPLORE.”

The new EXPLORE extension is licensed as an add-on to the iJoin experience and may be enabled for all or select plans. For more information, contact Chip Moore, V.P. Business Development at 480-935-5740 or at cmoore@ijoinsuccess.com.