IGS Launches Mutual Fund Tool

Investment Guidance Solutions (IGS) launched a mutual fund investing tool called IGSignals.

IGSignals enables investors to actively manage risk, versus the traditional buy and hold strategies that can contribute to portfolio volatility, the company said.

Updated daily, IGSignals is a reactive, quantitative tool that helps asset managers and financial advisers drive dynamic asset allocation and portfolio construction. The tool provides buy or sell signals based on whether it is better to be invested in a specific fund or in cash, allowing for greater principal protection in down markets and participation in up markets.

A “buy” indicates that the fund is likely to outperform cash, and a “sell” indicates that it is likely to underperform cash. IGSignals can specifically benefit asset managers who construct fund of fund portfolios, financial advisers who construct portfolios for their clients and retail firms that help consumers manage their own portfolios.

Phil Lussier, IGS co-founder and CEO, describes IGSignals as a tool to “get someone out of harm’s way when a fund is underperforming.”

“Our signal provides an actionable event; it’s a buy or it’s a sell,” Lussier told PLANADVISER.

More information about Investment Guidance Solutions (IGS) and IGSignals is available at www.igsignal.com.