Hennion & Walsh Launch Two UITs

Hennion & Walsh expanded its line-up of proprietary SmartTrust Unit Investment Trust (UIT) portfolios, for a total of 18.

The Tax-Free Income Trust (ticker: SMTFEX) seeks to provide income that is generally exempt from normal federal income tax. This two-year unit trust invests in 20 issues of closed-end companies whose portfolios are primarily made up of municipal bonds.

The Growth and Income Trust (ticker: SMGICX) aims to provide investors with capital appreciation and current dividend income. Also a two-year unit, the fund invests in nine issues of common stock of companies, including real estate investment trusts and master limited partnerships, as well as 17 issues of common stock of closed-end investment companies.

“Our SmartTrust offerings deliver accessible investment strategies timed to meet current market demands as well as the on-going needs of individual investors,” said Bill Walsh, President and Partner of Hennion & Walsh. “Both the Tax-Free Income Trust and the Strategic Growth and Income Trust provide solutions for income-oriented investors backed by our disciplined asset management process and carefully screened investment vehicles.”

Unit Investment Trusts (UITs) generally invest in a fixed portfolio, typically for a predetermined period of time, and allow individuals to invest in several securities with a single purchase.