Hedgeable Reveals 401(k) Program

Beginning in April, plan sponsors will be able to produce plan menus that provide access to 20 strategies internally managed by Hedgeable.

The menus could also include 17 à la carte options, plus mutual fund options selected with Hedgeable’s proprietary fund rating system. According to the announcement, participants gain access to Hedgeable’s online technology platform that provides streamlined lived analytics and reporting, tools, and interactive support.

The company said advantages of its program include: 

  • Electronic sign-up and enrollment, minimal paperwork needed
  • Mutual Fund options using Hedgeable’s proprietary fund star rating system
  • Flat 1% fee for any option selected by participants; no fee sharing, marketing, or commission based
  • Online platform providing plan participants with 24/7 access to live detailed account analytics, one click reporting, news, tools, and market analysis
  • Ability to change allocation of account with the click of a button via online platform
  • Live support and access to Hedgeable’s Investment Professionals via online platform

More information is at www.hedgeable.com