Hartford Adds Balanced Fund to 529 Lineup

The Hartford SMART529, offered by the West Virginia College Prepaid Tuition and Savings Program Board of Trustees, has unveiled a Checks and Balances investment portfolio.

The new portfolio is a two-thirds equity, one-third fixed-income option for moderately aggressive investors who want to combine stock market opportunity with the protection of bonds, The Hartford said in a news release. The portfolio invests one-third in The Hartford Capital Appreciation Fund, The Hartford Dividend and Growth Fund, and The Hartford Total Return Bond Fund.

“As we start to emerge from the financial crisis, advisers and their clients are looking for innovative ways to save for college,” said Jeff Coghan, assistant vice president of 529 plans at The Hartford.

The 529 offering has more than 100,000 accounts and $1.1 billion assets under management as of September 15, according to the company. Its investment options invest primarily in The Hartford Mutual Funds.

More information is available at www.hartfordinvestor.com.