GSAM Launches Brazil and China Equity Funds

Goldman Sachs Asset Management launched the Goldman Sachs Brazil Equity Fund and the Goldman Sachs China Equity Fund on April 29, 2011.

The funds will be managed by local Goldman Sachs Asset Management International equity teams in Brazil and China.    

The funds are offered in A and C Shares, both with $1,000 minimum initial investments. The funds also offer Institutional and R & IR Shares. The Brazil Equity Fund has ticker symbol GZIAX and the China Equity Fund is GNIAX.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of the Brazil and China Equity Funds, which will allow investors to access tremendous investment opportunities in these important growth markets,” said Don Gervais, Global Head of Fundamental Equity Product Management at Goldman Sachs Asset Management.  “These offerings complement the BRIC Fund that GSAM launched in 2006, and will take full advantage of our on-the-ground research resources and investment expertise in Brazil and China.”