Goldman Sachs Debuts Mutual Fund

Goldman Sachs Multi-Asset Real Return Fund aims to provide access to a dynamic, multi-asset class solution that seeks to help individuals achieve real return over inflation.


The expansion of central bank balance sheets around the globe has prompted concerns about inflation. For investors, inflation has historically been a complex issue to manage. This risk is meaningful because even a modest increase in inflation can erode portfolio value.

The fund (Class A Shares: GHRAX) provides exposure to inflation-sensitive asset classes, including opportunistic fixed income, commodities and select equity sectors. This diversified strategy seeks to perform well across most market environments, and, specifically, seeks to provide real return during periods of rising and high inflation.

“Protecting personal wealth through investing in strategies that deliver consistent, real returns is central to many individual clients’ investment objectives,” said Samantha Davidson, the fund’s co-portfolio manager. “The GS Multi-Asset Real Return Fund seeks to build upon this experience and deliver an inflation-sensitive solution in a mutual fund format to help investors position themselves for the medium- to long-term environment.”

Davidson, Raymond Chan, and Chris Lvoff from GSAM’s Global Portfolio Solutions team are the fund’s co-portfolio managers.

“We continue to focus on meeting the needs of our clients, and outcome-oriented solutions are a critical part of every individual’s portfolio strategy,” said James McNamara, managing director and president of Goldman Sachs Mutual Funds. “Unexpected inflation may pose a significant risk to investors’ wealth, and the GS Multi-Asset Real Return Fund seeks to address this threat.”

The fund is offered in Class A and Class C Shares, both with $1,000 minimum initial investments. It also offers Institutional, Class R and Class IR Shares.