Funds Globally See $370B Inflows This Year

In the first half of 2011, long-term fund flows reached $370 billion (including Canada and Brazil), despite a difficult economic and political environment globally.

According to Strategic Insight (SI), institutional investors redeemed close to $210 billion from money market funds worldwide. Bond and stock funds were the main beneficiaries of net inflows, collecting $175 billion and $116 billion, respectively, year-to-date.   

On a regional level, the U.S. led long-term flow contributions with almost $200 billion, followed by cross-border international funds with about $100 billion, and local Asia funds with $42 billion. Net flows to local funds in Europe were flat.   

SI said a possible scenario of a prolonged low-interest rate environment mixed with market volatility could lead to sustained net flows to selected fixed income products in the second half of the year.   

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