FundQuest Selects Managed Portfolio Advisors as Overlay Manager for UMAs

Natixis Global Associates (NGA) said that Managed Portfolio Advisors (MPA) has been selected by FundQuest to provide overlay management services for its Advisor Directed Unified Managed Account (UMA) program.

Managed Portfolio Advisors is a division of Natixis Asset Management Advisors, L.P. FundQuest is a managed account platform providers for fee-based advisers.

UMA programs provide advisers and clients with a single integrated portfolio view across multiple types of investments. “We have offered  FundQuest’s managed model-based UMAs since 2005; now with MPA’s overlay management capabilities we will be able to offer completely customizable adviser-directed portfolio solutions,” said Bob Peatman, managing director, National Sales, of FundQuest, in a news release. “This gives advisers who want to do hands-on portfolio management the flexibility to build tailored UMA portfolios for individual clients.”

According to the companies, features of MPA’s overlay management capabilities that will be incorporated into FundQuest’s Advisor Directed UMA program include:

  • account customization capabilities—offering financial advisers the ability to create asset allocation and investment strategy combinations that can be fully customized for each client;
  • flexible approach to working with managers—preserving the integrity of managers’ underlying strategies;
  • enhanced tax management capabilities—coordinating the investment activity of the underlying investment strategies and implementing a systematic and risk-managed approach to tax loss harvesting to help manage the potential tax liability generated across the client’s entire portfolio.