FPA Creates Knowledge Circles to Boost Collaboration

The Financial Planning Association (FPA) launched a collection of web-based “Knowledge Circles” aimed at fostering communication and collaboration among its members.

FPA explains the Knowledge Circles as a collection of dynamic communities centered on specific subjects that enable service providers to address client problems, tackle business objectives and connect globally with peers. Open only to FPA members, the program will enable financial professionals to delve into core subject areas and access tools and content of importance and interest.

“While FPA members are dedicated to the practice of financial planning, they often have specialties or topics they are simply enthusiastic about,” explains Lauren Schadle, executive director and chief executive officer for FPA. “The Knowledge Circle program will allow members with a specific interest to discuss best practices and work collectively on innovative ideas while providing valuable guidance to FPA.”

The program will be rolled out over the next 12 months and will include the establishment of eight official Circles, each with a specific focus area. The Circles will be spearheaded by “host” volunteers who will act as curators of content and facilitators of discussion. Hosts will also help drive engagement of Circle participants.

The first three Knowledge Circles will be in September, FPA says, and will include circles for business success, international business, retirement planning and Social Security optimization. In the months following, FPA will introduce circles for estate planning, investment planning, risk planning and tax planning.

“The Knowledge Circle program will be instrumental in enhancing the overall quality of content developed by FPA, in print, virtually, and at our conferences while also giving our members an opportunity to further engage with their peers on those matters of importance to their clients and businesses,” Schadle adds.

Professionals interested in serving as a host of a Knowledge Circle can apply now. Those interested in participating can sign up to be added to a registration list comprised of future Circle participants by emailing cop@onefpa.org.