Forward Management Introduces Fund Institutional Shares

Forward Management, LLC, announced the launch of new share classes for some of its funds. 

According to the San Francisco-based Forward, the company has launched Class M shares for seven funds, including the Forward Tactical Growth Fund, for use in fee-based adviser platforms and retirement accounts.

Class M shares are available for:

  • Forward Tactical Growth Fund (FTGMX)
  • Forward Emerging Markets Fund (FEMMX)
  • Forward Global Infrastructure Fund (FGIMX)
  • Forward Select Income Fund (FSIMX)
  • Forward International Small Companies Fund (FNSMX)
  • Forward Small Cap Equity Fund (FSCMX)
  • Forward Long/Short Credit Analysis Fund (FLSMX).

Class M shares offer institutional pricing with low account minimums. Financial intermediaries and group retirement plans may purchase M shares at net asset value through an omnibus account arrangement without any additional distribution fees.

The M shares were designed for asset allocation, wrap fee and other similar fee-based advisory programs sponsored by financial intermediaries, such as brokerage firms, investment advisers, financial planners, and third-party administrators.