Folio Institutional Offers Model Portfolios to Advisers

The “Model Manager Exchange” (MMX) currently features 150 portfolios from 35 financial professionals.   

Folio Institutional is initially offering the MMX program as a free service for all registered advisers and broker/dealers who use its platform.  Advisers wishing to have their models displayed can do so for free as well; however, they are required to have a minimum level of assets on the Folio Institutional platform, with those funds invested in one or more of their models.

Negotiations of licensing fees are conducted directly between the sellers and buyers of the investment strategies.  Once a model is licensed for use, trades are executed via the Folio Institutional platform, which handles all back-office transactions between the licensor and licensee.

“Effective today, every adviser on our platform has access to an enhanced universe of innovative portfolio models created and managed by other advisers and institutions,” said Folio Institutional President Greg Vigrass. “MMX allows model managers to increase the reach and visibility of their portfolio strategies, while creating a new revenue stream for them. Meanwhile, licensees can efficiently access third party expertise to offer their clients a broader range of managed investments.”

Interested advisers can learn more about MMX by contacting Folio Institutional at 888-485-3456.