Firm Introduces Retirement Paycheck Product

The Mutual Fund Store, a network of registered investment advisers, has unveiled its Retirement Paycheck product intended to help retirees in their distributive phase.

A news release said the offering is an asset management option designed to offer predictable income, principal protection combined with the potential for unrestrained asset growth, and periodic replenishment of assets used for monthly income.

The new service is designed to minimize the impact of a market downturn on a retiree’s nest egg by establishing a pool of assets to generate predictable and monthly income. As market growth increases the value of the other part of their assets, some of it is used to replenish the value of the assets from which the income is drawn.

The service also keeps a portion of their money invested in stock and bond mutual funds.

“Our straightforward approach to helping investors manage their hard-earned assets has been successful across the country,” said founder Adam Bold.

More information is available at