Fiduciary Benchmarks Opens Plan Data Portal

Fiduciary Benchmarks, Inc. has launched a data portal designed to provide an adviser, consultant, recordkeeper, other service provider or fiduciary with customized plan benchmarking reports.

The reports, generated once the plan intermediary enters retirement plan data, are related to such critical plan information as fees, plan design, and participant success measures.

According to a press release, one of the key features of the portal is its ability to facilitate the generation of a benchmarking report by sending an automated notice to the plan’s recordkeeper at the request of the user. The email notice informs the recordkeeper that an adviser, consultant, or plan fiduciary has requested a report and requests the recordkeeper assist or verify the data entry process.

The portal also contains information related to Fiduciary Benchmarks’ methodology as well as sample reports, the press release said.

Data entered into the portal is completely secure and protected with 128 bit encryption, and Fiduciary Benchmarks says the system has been stress tested to handle hundreds of users simultaneously with response times that are under five seconds.

The portal can be found at