Fidelity to Offer Seminar on Tax-Diversified Retirement Portfolios

To help educate investors about the potential benefits of building a tax-diversified retirement portfolio, Fidelity is launching a "Tax-Smart Investing" seminar.

The seminar, which will be offered at Fidelity’s investor centers across the U.S., covers three primary principles:

  • choosing a savings strategy based on an assessment of current and anticipated future tax rates;
  • selecting the appropriate saving vehicles (e.g., IRA, Roth 401(k)) for the saving strategy, taking into account the different tax advantages those vehicles provide; and
  • matching investments with the appropriate vehicles, considering the tax treatments and expected rates of return that those investments may present.

In addition, Fidelity has published a new Viewpoints article that specifically addresses tax-efficient strategies for investors, regardless of whether they are saving for retirement or already retired. The article provides guidance on how to customize a tax strategy and addresses the question of when an investor should pay taxes on retirement assets.

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