Fidelity Remakes Environmental Fund

Fidelity Investments has announced it has restructured its 20yearold Select Environmental Portfolio to increase exposure to faster growing industries, such as alternative energy and energy efficiency, while reducing exposure to slower growth industries, such as waste management. 

A Fidelity news release said that as a result, the fund likely will have a broader investment universe and a higher allocation to foreign markets due to the global nature of the alternative and renewable energy industries. 


With these changes, Fidelity has renamed the fund, “Fidelity Select Environment and Alternative Energy Portfolio,” to better reflect its new investment policies and focus, the company said. 


“In recent years, there has been substantial progress within the environment and alternative energy industries,” said Brian B. Hogan, president, Equity Group. “The rapid pace of technological advancements, the increased social and political focus on environmental protection, as well as the growing demand for energy and other natural resources from industrializing economies has led to increased investment interest in the sector as well as a broader investment universe in these areas. We 

believe those developments present exciting opportunities for Select Environment and Alternative Energy Portfolio and its shareholders.”