Fidelity Offers Help in Shifting from Savings to Income

Fidelity Investments is hosting nation-wide events for the next 30-days, in which it hopes to help near-retirees and those already in retirement switch their focus from savings to a steady income stream.

Part of the assistance is in the new Fidelity Income Strategy Evaluator, which is designed to help investors assess their income needs and structure a portfolio and withdrawal strategy. The Evaluator is offered online and incorporates a broad range of Fidelity and non-Fidelity income and investment products as building blocks for its suggested income strategies.  

The Evaluator focuses on understanding each investor’s financial situation and preferences, then helps investors identify any cash flow gaps in the short-term, or throughout their planned retirement, by comparing their expected sources of income with planned retirement expenses – both essential and discretionary. The investor is also asked to think about his or her expectations and priorities for income in and throughout retirement.   

Using these investor inputs, the Evaluator attempts to create several strategies for generating the desired stream of income for an investor to consider. The baseline strategy, called the Fidelity Target Income Mix, is an investment combination that seeks to provide efficient use of the investor’s retirement savings for his or her situation. Alternative strategies also are provided to help address investor preferences so they can better understand the potential benefits and tradeoffs of one income mix relative to another. Each strategy then leads to a model portfolio of products that may include a mix of stocks, bonds and cash, as well as annuities. This approach enables the investor to see how retirement assets can work together to help withstand market volatility and down markets over time.  

The Evaluator also provides editing capabilities to allow investors to modify the proposed strategies and substitute other retirement income products they might prefer, such as bond ladders, target-date and asset allocation funds, managed accounts, and fixed and variable annuities into the strategy.  At the end, each investor will receive a plan of action for generating retirement income from their retirement savings, including a rationale for the overall strategy that includes the products modeled.