Fidelity Aims to Help RIAs Expand Business

A new Fidelity program, “Expand Your Practice,” is intended to help registered investment advisers (RIAs) analyze their readiness to grow through mergers, acquisitions, or hiring new people.

The new materials are divided into three parts: 

  1. “Your Guide to Expansion White Paper,” which includes a self-assessment checklist, a hypothetical case-study, and several worksheets.  
  2. “Expanding Your Practice – Are you Ready? White Paper,” which includes advice from five M&A experts. 
  3. “Expanding Your Practice” webinars for advisers to interact with a panel of M&A experts and discuss some of the critical issues to consider when preparing to expand a practice. The first one-hour session is scheduled for September 30.  

“As the country emerges from the financial crisis of the past couple of years, many advisers may have more time to spend evaluating strategies that can help them accelerate the growth of their firm,” said David E. Canter, executive vice president at Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services and head of Fidelity’s Practice Management and Consulting organization. “We believe advisers may have a window of opportunity to increase their competitiveness through growth and acquisition. Because M&A activity can be complicated and time consuming, we have developed in-depth resources that can help advisers better understand the opportunities and challenges, while effectively positioning their firm for greater and more sustainable growth.” 

This new program is in addition to RIA Match, a program designed to match brokers looking to become RIAs with a list of firms that would suit their needs.