FCRC Apps Launches SkyBoks Document Portal

FCRC Apps, the technology developer behind eFiduciary.net, has added the new “SkyBoks” document upload and management feature to its suite of Web-based fiduciary governance tools.

Through SkyBoks, advisers gain a portal for clients and other parties to upload and share large files through a secure server. The tool also allows advisers to grant document access and uploading capabilities to non-registered users, namely prospective clients and service partners. 

The document upload tool can be accessed by advisers using a unique Web-link. SkyBoks will send an email notification to document recipients, letting them know they have access to their own “bucket” within the eFiduciary.net system. SkyBoks also allows advisers to designate a moderator, who can review whether links have been viewed and if documents have been uploaded and shared. 

“We wanted to create an easy-to-use application [app] that users could offer their clients, prospects, business partners or anyone who wished to transfer files of any kind and nearly any size without the worry of attaching it to an email,” explains Thomas Zamiara, one of the founders of eFiduciary.net.

Zamiara says FCRC Apps built the solution to address a long list of client concerns around document retention and data security. “Clients pushed for ease of use, security, file type and size limitations and outgoing/incoming server restrictions. We hurdled over all of those issues in this tool,” he adds.

Built with regulatory and prudent practices in mind, eFiduciary.net is a unique tool for consultants and advisers to use with their investment fiduciary clients. It allows for committee collaboration, document retention and retrieval, and consultant practice management tools. To schedule a demo of the new application or the other tools on eFiduciary.net, those interested can email info@efiduciary.net.