E*Trade Introduces UMA

E*TRADE Capital Management, LLC, is expanding its advisory services by offering clients the ability to invest in a unified managed account (UMA).  

E*TRADE said in a news release that its UMA will give its customers the opportunity to work with an investment professional on such matters as asset allocation, investments, portfolio rebalancing, and tax management.  E*TRADE UMAs seek to maximize risk-adjusted returns by investing in a variety of investment vehicles, including individual stocks through more than 30 manager models, mutual funds, and/or exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Portfolios may be customized to a client’s specific investment needs, as well as managed with an eye toward tax sensitivity, the company reported.

“With nearly 30% of our brokerage accounts in retirement products such as traditional and ROTH IRAs, we believe our offering is especially well-suited for customers and prospects who want help investing to reach their retirement goals, ” said Michael Curcio, President & CEO, E*TRADE Capital Management.