Employers’ Confidence in Employee Retirement Assets Drops

U.S. employers have lost confidence that employees will have sufficient retirement assets when they leave the workplace.

Only 4% of employers are very confident their employees will have adequate retirement assets, according to a survey from Aon Hewitt. This is a dramatic shift from 2011, when the same survey found 30% of employers were very confident about their employees’ retirement assets.

Moreover, just 10% of employers feel very confident that employees are taking the accountability needed to ensure retirement success. Employees also doubt their employees’ ability to manage income once they do retire, with only 18% feeling confident their employees will be able to manage their retirement income.

Aon Hewitt also found that 52% of employers plan to encourage workers to take more accountability for their retirement planning, while 60% say they will focus on helping employees become more educated in the resources available to them through employment.