eMoney Offers White-Labeling for Financial Wellness App, Incentive

The company says its new approach allows advisory firms to keep their own branding and provides targeted digital tools that help clients achieve financial goals and develop better financial habits.

eMoney Advisor, a provider of technology solutions and services that help people talk about money, has announced the availability of white-labeling for its financial planning and wellness mobile application, Incentive.

Incentive is built, operated and supported by eMoney. By white-labeling the solution, firms can offer their own financial wellness app, allowing them to differentiate their business and build credibility for their brand through a digital-first experience.

Chris Grant, an Incentive product lead, describes Incentive as a self-led planning and budgeting tool aimed at educating a wide audience about basic planning concepts and encouraging behavioral changes to help users achieve their goals. It has sought to solve two prominent problems, says Grant. First, it is meant to address the financial anxiety that many people face, and second, to empower advisers to have more efficient conversations, which helps them engage with a broader group of clients and can ultimately help influence clients to have better financial habits and outcomes.

With the addition of white-labeling, advisory firms can now have their brand front and center, an option that some firms consider incredibly valuable, says Lauren Pluschke, an Incentive product lead. She notes that many advisory businesses have put a lot of work into promoting their financial wellness approach, and therefore see an app bearing their nameas another solution to help enhance their overall offering.

“A firm’s brand reflects their purpose, promise and value as a trusted resource. With their own financial wellness app, firms can stand out from the crowd and deliver on the promise of their brand by helping individuals on their financial journey,” says Chad Porche, vice president of product innovation at eMoney. “This will enhance their client relationships and reputation to help improve client retention and growth.” 

So far there are 18 firms using the app, with five actually taking advantage of its white-labeling capabilities, Grant says. Three of them are already available in the app marketplace, while the remaining two are still in development.

Pensionmark Financial Group is one of the first firms to utilize the white-labeling option and deliver its own branded digital-first experience to participants. Through the partnership with Pensionmark, more than 4,500 employers will have the ability to offer access to Incentive for their employees. First introduced at Pensionmark in 2021, implementation will continue into 2022.

“We were early adopters of the eMoney technology as a foundation for our financial wellness platform due to the breadth and depth of the resource stack,” says Troy Hammond, CEO of Pensionmark. “The addition of the Incentive application has solved the greatest challenge we face as an industry, which is getting employees engaged. We can now meet employees no matter where they are in their financial journey, whether they are just starting out or require complex financial planning.”