Edelman Financial Engines Introduces Fiduciary Distribution Review

The program offers participants one-on-one sessions with a financial planner to discuss their various distribution options.

Edelman Financial Engines has introduced Fiduciary Distribution Review, a program that gives retirement plan participants the opportunity to sit down with an Edelman financial planner in a one-on-one session to discuss their various distribution options.

By learning about the employee’s situation and goals, the planners are able to apply their deep knowledge of the employer’s 401(k) plan to give the employee recommendations that are in the employee’s best interests. The advice takes into account each individual’s forecasts of post-retirement income, including Social Security benefits and in-plan income options.

“Employers spend large amounts of time and money providing employees with access to high-quality and low-cost investment options in their plan,” says Christopher Jones, chief investment officer at Edelman Financial Engines. “They also provide crucial fiduciary oversight to ensure financial providers are protecting employees’ best interests. Over 3,200 companies have hired Financial Engines because of our industry-leading financial planning and investment advice, and our new Fiduciary Distribution Review program helps ensure that employees don’t squander their chances of achieving retirement security through poor decisions around plan distributions.”