DOL Rule on City-Run Retirement Plans Overturned

President Trump signed a resolution passed by the House and Senate overturning the DOL rule about city- and municipality-run retirement plans for private-sector workers.

President Donald Trump has signed a resolution overturning a Department of Labor (DOL) rule that would allow cities and municipalities of states to offer retirement plans for private-sector employees that would be exempt from Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) provisions.

Another resolution that would overturn a DOL rule that would allow states to offer retirement plans to private-sector workers that would be exempt from ERISA is pending Senate approval before going before the President.

Following introduction of the two resolutions in the House in February, the resolutions were introduced in the Senate in March.

No cities have yet established such plans, though some, such as New York, have proposed them, but several states have. It the second resolution is signed by Trump, it seems they would have to be subject to ERISA provisions.