Cullen Launches Small-Cap Value Fund

Cullen Capital Management has launched the Cullen Small Cap Value Fund.

An announcement said the fund’s objective is long-term capital appreciation. The Cullen Small Cap Value Fund invests in companies with market capitalizations under $4 billion at the time of purchase, utilizing a value strategy that seeks out companies that are attractively priced on a valuation basis (i.e. Price/Earnings and Price/Book) with specific opportunities to increase earnings and cash flow and compound value over time.

The fund can invest up to 30% of the portfolio in companies headquartered outside of the United States, whether in the form of American Depository Receipts or local ordinary shares, according to the announcement.

The fund is now available via five share classes: a no-load Retail Class trading under ticker CUSRX, Class C shares available through financial advisers and intermediaries (CUSCX), Class I institutional shares (CUSIX), Class R1 retirement shares (CUSSX), and Class R2 retirement shares (CUSTX).

More information is available at