Consultancy Expands with Fiduciary Fitness Review

An Illinois-based retirement plan consulting firm has introduced a Fiduciary Fitness Review for plan sponsors.

Focus Retirement Plan Partners said that the Fiduciary Fitness Review “helps protect plan fiduciaries and executives from financial loss due to DOL or IRS penalties, ERISA and employee civil litigation, and legal fees associated with these activities.”

According to the firm, key elements of the Fiduciary Fitness Review included:

  • identification of plan sponsors and an understanding of the full extent of their fiduciary responsibilities; 
  • documentation guidance for complying with ERISA 404(a) and 404(c); 
  • monitoring of third-party service providers; 
  • a plan design review and analysis.

Focus Retirement Plan Partners also provides services to review investments and score funds based on multiple criteria commonly used today by institutional investors and money managers.  According to the firm, the methodology incorporates both quantitative and qualitative factors to assess funds on a one-time or periodic basis. If education or communication programs are lacking, the firm said it can also provide group or individual meetings, investment and retirement presentations, printed education modules and employee memos.

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